My Journey

I have always looked healthy as a child as I was very active with dance (ballet, tap, and jazz) for a number of years. We ate fast food all of the time, so I know that on the inside I was so unhealthy. When I graduated from high school and ventured into this thing called Life, I left the dance part behind and still kept the horrible food habits I had developed over the years. You know what that meant….yep, I gained the dreaded freshman 15 and then some. Yikes!

Ever sense then, my weight has been a battle that I can not win. I would lose weight by cutting back and exercising and then I would gain it back again if life got busy. It was an inevitable game of hide and go seek. Ive tried joining the gym in hopes that if I pay for it then I’d surely use it…WRONG! Then Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Will Power, Some Power, No Power, etc. etc. I’ve tried them all. The game continued until I found myself 30 pounds over weight after birthing 3 kiddos. I’m 36 years young now and my body is telling me to shape up or ship out! Ya’ know we all have that magic number, or maybe its just me :), where your body starts acting up and reminds that you are not 20 something anymore…Ahhh, where did the time go…..

Anyhoo, last year I decided, enough is enough. If I do not change something now, I am going to end up shooting insulin needles all over my body. My whole family has Diabetes and I am trying my best to think it away and use the power of positive thoughts to hide behind the realty of what will come.

So the journey begins……

My first change occurred when my husband introduced me to “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” “Food, Inc.,” “Supersize Me,” and “Forks over Knives.” After seeing where my food comes from and what potentially harmful ingredients are added to fast food, I started a change in the way I shopped and consumed food. I started shopping more at Whole foods, which my love affair with this chain started a year prior to these documentaries-but more on that later) and paid attention to where my meat, dairy, and produce come from. We reduced our meat intake dramatically and our vegetable and fruit intake shot up. We bought a juicer and a good blender and begin to realize the health benefits to eating as close to nature as possible. Mind you, we still ate out (only at certain approved fast food chains- hey, one has to crawl before walking). Small Steps Stick better than huge leaps, you are bound to fall this way.

Months later, after making some changes, but still overweight, I had a talk with God. I witnessed some testimonies at church about others who struggled with food addiction, and thought, maybe my unhealthy relationship with food is what is causing my struggles. So, I submitted this area of my life over to God and Wow what a difference it made when I decided to rely on His power instead of Will’s Power….what is Will power any way? According to Webster, “Willpower is the ability to control yourself; strong determination that allows you to do something” ( I don’t know about you, but willpower could only get me so far…The One who has the control and power to change any circumstance had to take over at some point…..the point that I allowed Him to. Unfortunately, I had held onto this problem for so long and did not realize that God loves me soooo much that He even cares about the smallest aspect of my life….yes, even food. You see, when I realized that my body is a temple and I can honor God by deciding what to eat….. only then can God use me to do His work here on earth.

So here I am in 2015, starting a blog and writing about my transformation. It’s all a matter of the heart. My heart is open and ready to embrace the healthy lifestyle that has evaded me all of these years….I am so excited and look forward to what the future holds 🙂

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