My Genes Don’t Fit

I have been thinking much about nutrition over the past few years and have actually picked up a few good habits, while eliminating some poor ones. You see, I grew up eating processed foods and frequenting fast food chains. To top that fact off, I was a healthy weight. I was active with ballet, tap, and jazz several nights a week which counterbalanced my poor food choices. I loved ramen noodles; the ones in the package, not the kind that was freshly made :). Around the age of 18, I decided to quit my dancing and focus on school. This was my senior year of high school. I remember getting my hair done at my favorite beauty salon as I approached graduation day. I distinctly remember being concerned about my weight and how ‘curvy’ I had gotten. The days passed and I still continued to eat what I wanted, not taking care to get my 5-a-day in.

That summer came and went and before I knew it, I was dropped off at the university by my parents as I started my freshmen year of college and into adult life. My parents left me with so much food under my bed, courtesy of Samsclub- the home of bulk items, where you do not need just one, but a dozen of everything. Well, of course that meant I had a whopping huge box of ramen noodles…..And boy did I eat every last one of those. I can’t say in what timeframe I devoured them, but I ate them….alone. I even gourmeted them up by adding processed cheese and butter and for a little spice, some hot sauce!

As you can imagine I continued to eat this way for many years before I would realize what damage I was doing to my body on the inside as well as the outside. A few years into college, I noticed that I needed to change. I was tired of being overweight. At that time, I was about 20 pounds heavier than I should have been. I started Taebo and reducing my fast food consumption. I was victorious and actually lost weight and finally looked like the person I remembered back in high school. Unfortunately, that did not last too long because as soon as the holidays came, I went back to the same eating patterns and quickly gained the weight back, plus some. Yikes! What was wrong that I could not gain a handle on this food thing? Why did food have such control over me?

Fast forward to today and three kids later, I have finally realized that it is not all of my fault :). Genes play an important role in how our body reacts to outside influences. Genes are the reason that some are predisposed to getting cancer, diabetes, or sickle cell. Our genes tell our bodies how to react to certain stimuli. Well, I started thinking that the past three years I have dramatically changed my eating patters. McDonalds and places of the like are on my “banned” list. I have not eaten a Bigmac or Whopper in so long. To be honest, I past these restaurants every day and I do not miss them one bit. I can no longer eat the same amount of sugar that I used to because my taste buds have been retrained to be more sensitive to less sweet, which is a good thing. After all of these changes, you would think that my weight was where it should be. But this is not so. I have not gained any weight, but the pounds seem to stick around.

I recently went to the doc after feeling more sensitive to cold and having brittle nails and hair as I was concerned with low thyroid function. Dr.Google also informed me that it could be high levels of estrogen leading to low thyroid and inability to lose weight. I took my concerns to my real doc, ha! who graciously checked my estrogen levels even though she did not feel like that was the problem. She called back a couple of days later to inform me that I have higher than normal insulin floating around in my blood. Which means if I do not do something now, it will lead to diabetes. Honestly, I knew this day would come. Staring at the possibility of Diabetes straight in the eyes, I started to research more intensely and armed myself with knowledge in preparation for the fight of my life. You see, my family history of diabetes is huge. Although genes are responsible for this predisposition, it does not dictate where my health is headed. I am taking charge, and accepting the challenge of Undiabetes. Is that even a term? Well, it is now. With the help of God and support from family, I am determined to change the course of my health.

Will you join me? What changes do you need to make to prevent or alleviate a current ailment?

Share comments below and we will support you in your journey…..

Happy Health 🙂


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