Running Free

Today is my second week of full on exercising. This is extremely difficult for me because I really want to do other stuff with my 30 minutes; However, my genes don’t fit :). As much as I would love to sit back and cook and eat and sit, my genes are not wired for that….there are a lucky few who do have those genes, but I am not one of them.

When I begin to have a paradigm shift in my mind, it is quite easy to view exercise as just as important as brushing my teeth. I mean, would I go a week without doing so? No, of course not!!! Although, to my children that would seem like a fun experiment, Ha!

Now that I understand that my health is directly related to my actions behind the words, I have no excuse to hinder my ability to get going and be obedient to God. The bible says that our body is a temple (1 Corinthians 6:19); if I truly believe this, then shouldn’t I do everything possible to honor God with my body. This means paying attention to what is going in, how it’s exercised, what I wear, etc.

Today, I awakened with a new reality, exercise must be a part of my daily routine. Routines are hard to stick with. A few small steps/changes yield massive results. I mean, if you think about building a house from the ground up. It starts with a dirt pile and step by step, day by day, something else is added to the foundation. Before you know it, voila! there is a beautiful house at the end. 🙂

I did not want to get up and exercise. Honestly, my Mondays and Wednesdays are the only days that I get to myself as all 3 kiddos are at school. I want to veg in front of a TV that I barely watch and surf the internet window shopping all day, but my inner voice says no, not now. If I want to prevent Diabetes (that is hanging over my head), its now or never…..So I put on my big girl (running) pants, dropped the kids off and went to the park. I start my running app and walk step by step. Today, the sun was out and the sky was a pretty blue, the trees are starting to gain some color back from the bipolar winters we have had. With my music on blast, I complete my walk and run intervals as the app instructs. As I neared the end of my workout, I thought, ‘I am tired and my legs hurt, I want to give up now.’ Immediately, I heard a soft voice remind me that Jesus, was crucified on the cross for me, with nailed hands, suffered painfully so that I can be free. I smiled and thought, ‘you are right, I can do this, if not for myself, then for God, who loves me and wants the best for me.’ So I finished strong and workout was complete. I felt good and motivated to continue this journey.

Happy running!

Share your struggles below and how you have overcome them 🙂

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