Another Year Another Pound

Yes, its 2016! Welcome, if you are reading this then you made it another year. Congrats and count this day as a blessing. As we welcome the new year and before we start concocting new years resolutions that we know we will not stick to by the time V-Day rollsĀ around with all of the luscious […]

Got Milk?

It has taken me a while to write. While getting back into the swing of things as the kidsĀ start the school year, I have learned the art of planning…or an attempt to plan, rather. I wanted share an exciting discovery that I made within the past few months. I have been making my own Almond […]

Get Real

As I am trying to eat healthy and find good food that each of my family members will enjoy, it has taken me on a journey throughout many grocery stores in my neighborhood. I mentioned before that the issue that sparked me to begin writing this blog is the dispute between my husband and I […]

My Genes Don’t Fit

I have been thinking much about nutrition over the past few years and have actually picked up a few good habits, while eliminating some poor ones. You see, I grew up eating processed foods and frequenting fast food chains. To top that fact off, I was a healthy weight. I was active with ballet, tap, […]

Running Free

Today is my second week of full on exercising. This is extremely difficult for me because I really want to do other stuff with my 30 minutes; However, my genes don’t fit :). As much as I would love to sit back and cook and eat and sit, my genes are not wired for that….there […]